Peter Clines’ Ex-Communication just hit shelves. It’s the spectacular third adventure in the genre-smashing Ex-Heroes series. In this volume a powerful ally the heroes had thought to be long dead returns…but might just turn out to be the greatest threat they’ve ever faced. This book is not just for horror fans! There’s plenty of fun […]

Shelfawareness wrote a great article on Ernest Cline’s DeLorean Tour for Ready Player One. It rocks that he’s traveling the country in a cool car promoting a cool book. Ernie Cline and His Car Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is now in paperback (Broadway, $14). In celebration of the June release, and in order […]

I’m really excited that this historical marvel of a book went up on Scribd today … We bring you for your lunch break today a Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World excerpt by Jack Weatherford. It’s a very interesting read filled with lots of factiods about Mr. G. Khan. It has some amazing […]

Gesine Bullock-Prado’s memoir is out today and she has provided Reading Group Choices with a recipe for whoopie pies! It’s official.  My baked good of choice, straight from my grandmother’s Maine kitchen is now officially nationally known.  Famous even.  Gone are the explanations and descriptions that have plagued me for years.  Roommates and coworkers have […]

After watching the movie trailer for The Informant, I am elevating Matt Damon to Tom Hanks status.  You are all my witnesses, I will now officially go see any movie starring Matt Damon.  His choices have been spot on for a while now and The Informant looks to deliver another fantastic performance.  Love him! -Erica