WATCH: Author-Librarian John Schu on why Audiobooks Are Not Cheating: “We’re never too old to be read aloud to!”

By Jennifer Rubins | March 18 2024 | Excerpts & VideosAudiobook News

While in the studio to record his author’s note, beloved author and librarian, John Schu, also known as @mrschureads couldn’t resist sharing why he believes audiobooks are not cheating! Hear what he loves to do while he listens, and what he always would tell his former students. And be sure to check out his new audiobook, LOUDER THAN HUNGER, read by Jeff Ebner and featuring the author!



Audiobooks Are Not Cheating
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Louder Than Hunger

Read by Jeff Ebner with a Note read by the Author

“Every so often a book comes along that is so brave and necessary, it extends a lifeline when it’s needed most. This is one of those books.” —Katherine Applegate, author of the Newbery Medal–winning, The One and Only Ivan

Revered teacher, librarian, and story ambassador John Schu explores anorexia—and self-expression as an act of survival—in a wrenching and transformative novel-in-verse.

A fictionalized account of the author’s experiences and emotions living in residential treatment facilities as a young teen with an eating disorder, Louder than Hunger is a triumph of raw honesty. With a deeply personal afterword for context, this much-anticipated verse novel is a powerful model for muffling the destructive voices inside, managing and articulating pain, and embracing self-acceptance, support, and love.

* This audiobook edition includes a downloadable PDF with resources from the book.

Age 10 and up