Dear Librarians: A Letter from B.K. Borison, Author of Business Casual

By Rachel Tran | February 13 2024 | NewsFrom the Author

Hello Librarian!

When I was seven years old, I decided my favorite place in the world was the fantasy section of the local library. Only twenty percent of that decision was powered by the pizza place right across the street. My fondest memories of my childhood are my mom taking me for a slice of pepperoni, and then meticulously cleaning my fingers of grease before stepping foot in the library. I still remember exactly what it smells like in that aisle. I know exactly where the carpet peels up in the corner. I can’t wedge myself in the bottom shelf anymore, but I would if I could.

To me, libraries have always been the best sort of magic. They’re everything we should strive to be as a community; welcoming, diverse, inclusive, and filled with stories. I’m hopeful you’ll find that same magic in the final installment of the Lovelight series.

I started writing this series during the dark days of COVID when I was home alone with a newborn while my husband worked 48-hour shifts at the hospital. I was lonely and tired, and I wanted to disappear into a place that felt kind and safe. Watching these books become that place for so many new readers has been the ultimate joy.

While Business Casual is a sexy romp of a rom-com, I also think it’s a love letter to every person who has longed for a place of their own. Charlie is a chaotic party boy who just wants to make the people around him happy. Nova is a workaholic who is so determined to make a name for herself, she’s forgotten how to have fun along the way. The two of them are fundamental opposites but find common ground where they least expect it.

If this is your first trip to Lovelight or a return visit, I hope you enjoy your time in this cozy town full of nosy (but well meaning) neighbors. I am so grateful for your support.

Meet you at Layla’s for some cinnamon rolls.


Two polar opposites will find out if one night together is enough to get each other out of their systems in the final book in the beloved Lovelight series, publishing as a Berkley original.