Our 2024 Staff Pick Reading Resolutions

By Rachel Tran | January 23 2024 | NewsStaff Picks

What will we read in 2024?

Rachel's Resolution: Rejoice in a fresh retelling

A Novel

“I confess I’ve already started this eerie, gorgeously written reimagining of Shakespeare’s most famous villainess. Ava Reid is a Gothic queen with masterful command of both heart and horror.”

Miriam's Resolution: Read more life stories and letter collections

A Memoir of Music, Migration, and Mexico

“Alvarez’s highly anticipated memoir is a soulful exploration of music culture, family, and migration.”

Jen R's Resolution: Find inspiration from incredible storytellers

True Stories of Holding On and Letting Go

“I’ve long admired the bravery required of a storyteller to stand up on stage at The Moth. The best ones make it looks easy, but of course, the unseen work and craft of shaping their personal tales so they can be shared is no small task. I can’t wait to consume more great examples of a well-told story from some of the best orators out there!”

Sharnell's Resolution: Fall for a new romance

“I am a sucker for romance, so this book is perfect! It’s a clever and romantic retelling of Disney’s Tangled, with a modern twist.”

Kate's Resolution: Flirt with fate

A Novel

“I am so excited to dive into Holly Gramazio’s debut novel in 2024. Funny and full of heart, The Husbands asks: how do you know you’re on the right path?”

Elizabeth's Resolution: Read a novel that plays with structure

A Novel

“I fell in love with the epistolary form when I first read 84, Charing Cross Road in high school, and I’m eager to leap into that conversational reading experience once again. Well, I don’t have to wait any longer. The charming and inventive Melissa Mogollon has structured her debut novel, Oye, as a series of one-sided phone conversations between a teenage girl and her older sister. I simply cannot wait to eavesdrop on all of the family drama, the gossip, and the poignant moments of growing up.”

Kelly's Resolution: Learn how to have more concise conversations

How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection

“Maybe because I have three sons, or maybe because I assume people just know what I am thinking! But, I have learned recently the importance of the right conversation at the right time and want to be ready for when I need to be. Hopefully, this book will help be me get there.”

Maureen's Resolution: Read more translated fiction

A Novel

“And with buzz words like Genre-blurring, Frankenstein, Gothic, Vampire, Horror, Shirley Jackson, and Daphne du Maurier—what better place to start!”