New Audiobook Original from MeatEater Podcast Favorite, Steven Rinella

By Jennifer Rubins | January 17 2024 | Audiobook News

Following the success of the first two volumes of the audiobook originals, MeatEater’s Campfire Stories, Steven Rinella—renowned outdoorsman, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and popular television and podcast host—and Clay Newcomb—fellow MeatEater Crew member and host of the popular Bear Grease podcast—unite for an all-new audiobook original. MeatEater’s American History: The Long Hunters (1761–1775) (on sale now) brings to life the bold, hair-raising, and often tragic adventures of a singular generation of eighteenth-century frontiersmen. The long hunters—who included such figures as Daniel Boone, Henry Skaggs, and Kasper Mansker—are one of the least understood but most fascinating groups of men to be found in the annals of American history. These were the commercial hunters and trappers who explored and exploited the First Far West, the land across the Appalachian Mountains, in the fabled era between the Seven Years’ War and the American Revolution.

Steven Rinella

Steven Rinella

As told by Rinella and Newcomb, these aren’t just any old stories about people in the wilderness. They’re about individuals who radically engaged with nature, exploring strange and unfamiliar landscapes, living off the land, getting their hands bloody, and often paying with their lives as the price of their adventures. These are stories about who we are as Americans and where we come from. The feats of these courageous, resilient backwoodsmen forever shaped a national identity centered around individualism, capitalism, freedom, and the need for wild places and wild animals.

Says Rinella, “the little-known saga of the long hunters has fascinated me all my life—and I couldn’t think of a better format to bring this story to new audiences. The research for this project connected some of my favorite tales of wilderness adventure and backwoods hunting prowess to larger insights about early American history, ecology, and warfare. I couldn’t be prouder to be launching it.”

Rinella’s and Newcomb’s immersive and thrilling examination of the long hunters and the blood-soaked story of the whitetail deerskin trade of the 1700s provides a deeper understanding of the relationship between Americans and the natural world and is sure to appeal to outdoorsmen and armchair historians alike. A must for your libraries digital shelves!

MeatEater's American History: The Long Hunters (1761-1775)

Read by Steven Rinella & Clay Newcomb

From the creators of the New York Times bestselling series Campfire Stories: Close Calls comes a new original audiobook that brings to life the bold, hair-raising, and often tragic adventures of a generation of eighteenth-century frontiersmen: the Long Hunters.

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