Starred Reviews for Michael Cunningham, Jhumpa Lahiri, Ilaria Tuti, and Rebecca Boyle

By Elizabeth Camfiord | October 11 2023 | Starred Reviews

With starred reviews from publications including Booklist, Kirkus ReviewsPublishers Weekly, and Library Journal—your patrons will want to read these much-anticipated books that reviewers are raving about.


Daughter of Ashes

“Splendidly constructed . . . A standout entry in a superior series.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

A Novel

“The pandemic steamrollered over our lives and left us to pick up the pieces, but it also shed clarity on our values. Cunningham brilliantly and skillfully demonstrates how such contradictions are possible.”— Booklist, starred review

A Novel

“First-time novelist Basra delivers a damning indictment of capitalism, a system that swallows the global poor whole and spits out wasted humans. At the same time, Basra maintains a light touch; the novel wears its burdens with good humor.”
Booklist, starred review

“Basra’s formally inventive debut traces a young Punjab man’s hopeful and disenchanting migration from India to Europe…Happy’s view of the world starts off as quirky and charming, but gains increasing pathos as the divide between his starry-eyed hopes and his increasingly hopeless reality grows.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

Her Side of the Story
From the author of FORBIDDEN NOTEBOOK

“De Céspedes’s melancholy testament to a hidden life feels timeless and vital.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Lace Widow

“Brilliant . . . Cox plausibly recreates 19th-century New York without freezing it in amber, and wrings real emotion out of Eliza’s investigation.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

Roman Stories

“Here, Pulitzer Prize winner Lahiri offers a powerhouse collection of nine stories in three parts, originally written in Italian and translated by the author, with three exceptions, into English. This is a most impressive assemblage of stories that vary in length and start off quietly, perhaps sadly even, often providing wild twists and turns by each conclusion.”—Library Journal, starred review


Hollywood and the Movies of the Fifties
The Collapse of the Studio System, the Thrill of Cinerama, and the Invasion of the Ultimate Body Snatcher--Television

“A remarkable analysis. Recommended for knowledgeable film lovers and for those seeking suggestions of mid-century film titles.”—Library Journal, starred review

Falling Back in Love with Being Human
Letters to Lost Souls

“Novelist/essayist/poet Thom (I Hope We Choose Love: A Trans Girl’s Notes from the End of the World), a Lambda Literary Award finalist and Chinese Canadian transgender woman, writes a series of beautiful, fragmentary letters of sorts, showcasing how life can be at once horrifically ugly and desperately, jaw-droppingly beautiful.”—Library Journal, starred review

The Cancer Factory
Industrial Chemicals, Corporate Deception, and the Hidden Deaths of American Workers

“Journalist Morris debuts with a devastating and thorough critique of corporate greed, deception, and lack of concern for worker health, focusing primarily on Dupont Chemical and Goodyear Tire Company.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

Our Moon
How Earth's Celestial Companion Transformed the Planet, Guided Evolution, and Made Us Who We Are

“An excellent exploration of how the moon has shaped life on Earth. Throughout, Boyle’s dexterious blend of science and cultural history is elevated by her spry prose . . . This illuminates.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review