Starred Reviews for Jordan Peele, Jeffery Deaver, Nalini Singh, and Clementine Taylor

By Elizabeth Camfiord | September 13 2023 | Starred Reviews

With starred reviews from publications including Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal—your patrons will want to read these much-anticipated books that reviewers are raving about.


The Olympian Affair

“Butcher’s fans
will delight in the new characters and alternate Spires while enjoying favorites from the first book
and will be eager for the next episode in the action-packed Cinder Spires series.”—Booklist, starred review

There Should Have Been Eight

“Singh (Quiet in Her Bones, 2021) excels at
creating atmospheric scenes, evoking dusty secret passageways and the dangers of the freezing
weather to create a sense of dread. Told from Luna’s perspective, this story of friendship and
obsession unfolds gently at first, then at a breakneck pace until it reaches a shocking conclusion.
.”—Booklist, starred review

I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died

“Set in the 1800s in Amherst, Massachusetts, Flower’s story is an engrossing murder mystery that also offers an eye-opening view of the political issues of the time, including slavery, abolition, and the treatment of women and foreigners.”—Booklist, starred review

Search History
A Novel

” Taylor’s debut features a realistically flawed young woman trying to navigate adulthood
amidst the low expectations she has for herself. Misogyny lurks throughout, as female characters
confront being overlooked, objectified, and endangered. Readers will root for Ana to trust herself
more and find a sense of stability and peace.”—Booklist, starred review

The Watchmaker's Hand

“Quadriplegic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme returns in this top-shelf thriller…The Rhyme novels are remarkably consistent: the writing is superb, the
characters intriguing, the stories spellbinding, and the plot twists shocking. Fans of Deaver’s
long-running series (the first novel, The Bone Collector, appeared in 1997) will want to read this
one as soon as they can.”—Booklist, starred review

Manner of Death

“Like Cook’s other novels, this one has plucky heroes, dastardly villains, a
brisk pace, and an ending full of comeuppances. Series fans will have a good time.”—Booklist, starred review

A Nearby Country Called Love
A Novel

“Plenty of bed-hopping, both considered and consummated,
happens on Iranian-born, New York-based professor Abdoh’s provocative pages, resulting in a
poignant dark, dark dramedy exposing the elusive, performative nature of never quite true love.”—Booklist, starred review

Next-Door Nemesis

“Martin’s (Better Than Fiction, 2022) enemies-to-lovers rom-com will captivate readers from the
first page as two former friends battle it out for their neighborhood’s homeowner association
(HOA) presidency.”—Booklist, starred review

Out There Screaming
An Anthology of New Black Horror

“Editors Adams (series editor for the annual Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy) and Peele (the creative force behind the films Get Out and Us) have compiled this anthology featuring some of the most influential Black authors writing today. “—Booklist, starred review

Again and Again
A Novel

“Evison imbues his big-hearted narrative with sumptuous mystery and intrigue tracing Eugene’s
quest for love amid undiminished hope. Though Eugene has traversed multiple lands and time
lines in different forms, his path is ultimately a map of the human heart.”—Booklist, starred review

The Beautiful and the Wild

“Townsend (The Thin Edge, 2019) constructs a lush and
dangerous Alaskan landscape, using it to build tension and suspense. Liv is a strong and flawed
protagonist whom readers will admire for her determination and feral need to protect her son.”—Booklist, starred review

Something About Her

debut blends the joy of Aisling and Maya’s love story with the pain of Aisling’s past. The
communication issues that plague the couple’s relationship are realistic, and readers will care
deeply about both characters and their emotional journeys. This tender coming-of-age, first-love
story will resonate with fans of Sally Rooney and Naoise Dolan.”—Booklist, starred review


A Death in Malta
An Assassination and a Family's Quest for Justice

“Journalist Galizia details his mother Daphne’s life and legacy in the shadow of the beautiful yet
deeply corrupt island-state of Malta…Galizia
combines memoir, true crime, and history as he details Malta’s complicated past for a riveting
and unnerving story that remains fully unresolved.”—Booklist, starred review

A Cultural History

” Hankir argues convincingly that eyeliner plays a part in “how we communicate our
identities and desires.” Only briefly acknowledging “pretty privilege,” Hankir focuses on
celebrating the role of eyeliner in non-Western history and culture rather than providing a more
balanced look at its impact on beauty standards and gender roles. Still, readers interested in
beauty culture will be fascinated by this accessible examination of such a versatile and popular
beauty product.”
Booklist, starred review

The Black Angels
The Untold Story of the Nurses Who Helped Cure Tuberculosis

“In a note to readers at the end of this immensely rewarding history, Smilios recounts how she stumbled upon the surprising story of Sea View Hospital in Staten Island… She blends all of the threads she followed into a big blistering narrative that takes readers into the lives of an exceptional group of individuals whose personal stories are as compelling as the disease they confronted was deadly. Informative, enthralling, and sometimes appalling, this is American history at its best.” —Booklist, starred review

How Infrastructure Works
Inside the Systems That Shape Our World

” As the world deals with climate instability, Chachra
offers a vision of inclusive design that reimagines what communities can become. Writing with
enthusiasm and clarity, Chachra explains complex systems and human dynamics in this
approachable, informative study of the world around us. “—Booklist, starred review

Hitchcock's Blondes
The Unforgettable Women Behind the Legendary Director's Dark Obsession

“Prolific author Leamer
provides ample biographical background regarding each actor to buttress his revelations
concerning Hitchcock’s Machiavellian modus operandi and enhances his premise with just
enough titillating behind-the-scenes details to entice devoted movie buffs.”—Booklist, starred review


The Fraud
A Novel

“Smith’s performance is an equal match to her prose. Her narration possesses considerable emotional depth, and she delivers lines with her characteristic searing wit. Smith’s ear for accents turns into perfectly performed dialogue for characters from every corner of London.” —Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award


This Boy
The Early Lives of John Lennon & Paul McCartney

“Cooper lovingly and honestly illustrates the young lives of John Lennon and Paul McCartney…Deft narration by Crank brings this well-crafted biography to life. Easy shifts in accent and tone put the listener in the midst of the action, no matter where in history. Both Beatles and music fans interested in rock and roll history in England will devour this on audio.” —Booklist, starred review

Age 8-12 years