Starred Reviews for Anne Perry, Mona Simpson, Roi Choi, Victoria Lee, and more!

By Elizabeth Camfiord | July 19 2023 | NewsStarred Reviews

With starred reviews from publications including Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal—your patrons will want to read these much-anticipated books that reviewers are raving about.



A December to Remember

“Readers will be captured by the charming setting and the three unique and captivating love stories, as richly drawn characters, dynamic storytelling, and one possibly magical shop cat truly make this a December to remember for both the North sisters and readers of this delightful, heartfelt holiday romance. Perfect for fans of Sophie Cousens and Josie Silver.”—Library Journal, starred review

Chaos Terminal

“The follow-up to Station Eternity is just as complex and engaging as its predecessor. Lafferty’s skill with dialogue and emotional arcs make the story equally character- and action-driven.” —Library Journal, starred review

A Novel

“Expertly told through a series of journal entries, emails, texts, and excerpts…Frey’s (The Future Is Yours) book weaves a gripping, suspenseful narrative that flows well, even in this unique format. A blend of thriller and fantasy that’s perfect for fans of TV’s Stranger Things.”—Library Journal, starred review

The September House

“With grim humor, emotional resonance, and brilliant subversion of a familiar trope, this compelling debut is perfect for fans of Clay MacLeod Chapman, Simone St. James, and Grady Hendrix…The metaphor is layered and at times heartbreaking, as secrets held by both a house and a family come to light with terrifying poignancy.”—Library Journal, starred review

Three Holidays and a Wedding

Best-selling novelists Jalaluddin (Much Ado About Nada) and Stapley (Lucky) join together to write an utterly enchanting holiday romance. Set in the year 2000 when Christmas, Hanukkah, and Ramadan overlapped, this cute story is about a group of travelers who get diverted by a winter storm and end up stranded in the small, picturesque Canadian town of Snow Falls.”—Library Journal, starred review

A Shot in the Dark
A Novel

“Lee (A Lesson in Vengeance) spins a profoundly emotional love story that takes its themes of addiction, faith, and art as seriously as it does its romantic arc…The hot and satisfying sex scenes feel simultaneously mainstream and wonderfully queer, grounded by the protagonists’ genuine connection. Exploring the courage required to take a chance on another person, this resonant romance cuts deep.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Traitor Among Us
An Elena Standish Novel

“As the presumably last work by Perry, who died in April 2023, this fifth Elena Standish historical mystery (after A Truth To Lie For) may feel bittersweet to longtime fans… A quintessential Perry novel, this must-read demonstrates her trademark understanding of the human condition and is filled with complex and passionate characters.”—Library Journal, starred review


This Exquisite Loneliness
What Loners, Outcasts, and the Misunderstood Can Teach Us About Creativity

“Written in a way that evokes various emotions and as a carefully documented inquiry into historical, literary, and psychological explorations of loneliness, this important book will likely inspire readers to think about the walls people build to protect themselves and how to forge meaningful connections.”—Library Journal, starred review

Fear Is Just a Word
A Missing Daughter, a Violent Cartel, and a Mother's Quest for Vengeance

“New York Times reporter Ahmed debuts with a riveting chronicle of Mexico’s drug cartels told through the story of one family who became their target… Painstakingly reported and propulsively written, this is nearly impossible to put down.“ —Publishers Weekly, starred review

Time's Echo
The Second World War, the Holocaust, and the Music of Remembrance

“In this profoundly moving book, the Boston Globe’s chief classical music critic Eichler examines how four modernists coped with the trauma of World War II and the Holocaust by composing transcendent pieces of music…An absorbing read for serious music lovers that may well become a classic in music criticism.”—Library Journal, starred review

When the Game Was War
The NBA's Greatest Season

“The “incredible pool of talent” on display in the NBA’s 1987–1988 season makes it the league’s best to date, according to this exhilarating account… This love letter to the NBA’s golden age is an instant classic.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

Why We Love Baseball
A History in 50 Moments

“This work will likely enlighten even the most knowledgeable and die-hard baseball fans. An essential purchase for all libraries.”—Library Journal, starred review


The 272
The Families Who Were Enslaved and Sold to Build the American Catholic Church

“Narrator Karen Murray’s somber, solid reading impressively conveys the significance of this vital work…A powerfully told story about the little-known connections between the Catholic Church and the people they trafficked. Pair with Ana Lucia Araujo’s Reparations for Slavery and the Slave Trade or Nikole Hannah-Jones’s The 1619 Project.” —Library Journal, starred review

A novel

“Simpson (Casebook) offers a haunting story of a family in the 1970s unmoored by mental illness…Sands will have listeners hanging on to her every gently narrated word. Recommended for fans of Douglas Stuart’s Shuggie Bain or Mary Beth Keane’s Ask Again, Yes.”—Library Journal, starred review

Hello Beautiful (Oprah's Book Club)
A Novel

“Napolitano’s sophisticated but bighearted story about family and friendship, radiantly performed by Tierney, could be one of the year’s best audiobooks.”—Library Journal, starred review

Horse Barbie
A Memoir

“Model and activist Geena Rocero shares her story in this poignant and powerful memoir. Her narration is full of life… It’s an immersive experience that highlights both the transphobia Rocero has faced and the joy she has found in art, trans and Filipino community activism, and family.“Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award

L.A. Son
My Life, My City, My Food

“Choi shares the story of his origins, inspirations, mistakes, and lucky breaks as a frequently wayward Korean American youth growing up in greater Los Angeles…A deep and delightful chef memoir full of true love for L.A. and its food, charismatically narrated by the author.”— Library Journal, starred review

Lost at Sea
Eddie Rickenbacker's Twenty-Four Days Adrift on the Pacific--A World War II Tale of Courage and Faith

“Nathan Agin provides a measured, clearly enunciated performance that allows Wukovits’s (Dogfight over Tokyo) meticulously researched story to shine… A harrowing tale of courage and survival, and a portrait of a larger-than-life hero. Fans of Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken will love this.”—Library Journal, starred review

Road to Surrender
Three Men and the Countdown to the End of World War II

“Thomas’s exhaustive research into the private thoughts, feelings, motivations, and decision-making of these three people who changed history adds crucial new information that will be of tremendous value to World War II historians. Award-winning narrator Robert Fass brings his impressive skills to bear, offering an engaging and perfectly paced performance of this vital work.” — Library Journal, starred review