Audiobook Narrator Kirby Heyborne’s Librarian Love Song

By Jennifer Rubins | June 12 2014 | Audiobook News

It happened on a Monday. A hot June day in sunny Anaheim, California—the final day of another successful ALA Annual Conference. The immensely enjoyable 2012 Odyssey Award Ceremony was nearing its conclusion. The crowd was smiling, listening with eager ears (it was a room full of audiobook-lovers after all.) There was just one narrator left to speak: Kirby Heyborne, narrator of the Odyssey Award-winner ROTTERS. We expected him to be funny; we expected him to be charming… but we didn’t expect this. Watch how Kirby won the heart of every librarian in the room… and possibly everywhere (thanks to this video).


We were so excited to see Kirby accept an Odyssey Award again for SCOWLER. And OF COURSE, there was another library song. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!


Read by Kirby Heyborne

“A tour-de-force combination of reader and writer, resulting in horrific realism with strong adult crossover appeal.”—Booklist, starred audio review

Age 14 and up