As part of a seemingly endless promotional campaign for this weekend’s Watchmen movie, the folks at DC (or the studio people, I’m not sure exactly who) have created an 8-bit throwback game for online play. It pretty much consists of walking around and kicking thuggish-looking people, which, for people like me who were raised on 8-bit, can be hours upon […]

We’re all bursting with excitement, in anticipation of the WATCHMEN movie.  I was thrilled to read Ann Kim’s editors’ pick in the September 1st issue of LIBRARY JOURNAL!  She highlighted a few titles from our client publisher, Titan Books.  Major reserve alert!             Watching the Watchmen (978-1-84856-041-3) Watchmen: The Official Film Companion (978-1-84856-067-3) […]

That’s the question people are asking, in reference to the new movie trailer for The Watchmen, debuted in most places before the record-breaking Dark Knight film. What they really should be asking is, “Have you read this?” After putting it off for over a year after several of my friends simultaneously told me to read it, I finally did back […]