The tale of The Wolf Gift continues . . . this Friday read the next chapter in Anne Rice’s wolfen tales—THE WOLVES OF MIDWINTER. Read an Excerpt of The Wolves of Midwinter. Log into Edelweiss to Request an eGalley. Check out this amazing Q&A with Anne Rice about writing her new series. Anne Rice’s new […]

We’re kicking off National Library Week with Anne Rice!! Below is a wonderful Q&A with Anne. We love her first memory of going to the library. Calling a library a “treasure house” is a wonderful way to describe a library. Anne also tells us about her latest novel The Wolf Gift. RH LIBRARY:       My first memory of […]

By now, you’ve likely heard a lot about Anne Rice’s new novel THE WOLF GIFT that debuts tomorrow. This novel brings a whole new netherworld–a whole new cosmology–for Anne Rice to make her own: the world of the werewolf. The classic monster of horror fiction–dark, gothic, with supernatural depth and power–with the infusion of Rice’s […]