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In the Villains episode that aired on 10/2, Great American Read explored the lessons from novels featuring villains, monsters, and evil forces.How do novels featuring our favorite villains and monsters help us understand why people behave badly?  They examined the evil characters in our favorite novels to find out why we go to the dark side, […]

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Read up on the conflict that tore America apart in advance of Ken Burns’s PBS documentary with our Vietnam War Excerpt Sampler. Featuring excerpts from bestsellers like Embers of War and The Best and the Brightest, this sampler is perfect for history buffs and those who are eager to learn more about one of America’s most contentious wars. Click to […]

PROMISES KEPT is a groundbreaking practical guide and an urgent call-to-arms for parents, caregivers, and others concerned about the fate of black boys in America. The book is a key component of a major national campaign to close the black male “achievement gap.” The authors are also releasing a powerful documentary, AMERICAN PROMISE, which made its theatrical […]

If you haven’t seen the BBC/PBS Masterpiece new hit series SHERLOCK, you’ve been missing out on some excellent sleuthing! It’s a modernized version of the Conan Doyle characters with a detective Sherlock Holmes living in early 21st century London using his detective skills and modern resources to solve the horrid crimes of the day. Sherlock […]