Today for Music@Library we’d like to make a little tribute to Scooter Hayes, aka Melvil Dewey, “International Library Hip Hop Superstar.” We really love his “Library Card” video. The lyrics to this song are music to our ears … Mr. M. Dewey raps “Everybody put your library card up” and “If you love reading say […]

End of the day on Music Monday … time for a little Music@Library video. First I must say that I want to personally hug the students who created this “Library Etiquette Music Rap” video.  In a few words: they simply rock. The video was the winning submission for the National Library Board, Singapore (’s “I Love My […]

It’s Monday, end of day and we’d like to bring you a little music to brighten your day. So sit back and listen to “Librarian” by My Morning Jacket. This is a live performance from Austin City Limits – – – Enjoy! [youtube AGBgfX6VMyw] Louisvilled-based My Morning Jacket is a roots/psychedelic/country indie rock band and […]