Today’s we give you a book fight where Woody Allen saves a book for the woman he adores Romy Schneider. True romance.  In the 1965 classic “What’s New Pussycat?” Victor (Allen in his film debut) is in a Paris library with Carole (Schneider) and as she looks for a book he shamelessly flirts with her. […]

Today for our film clip we’d like to visit the Golden Oak Library. Yes we’re talking about a library built in a tree in Ponyville. A library in a tree, it’s quite magical don’t you agree? At Golden Oak, My Little Pony librarian Twilight Sparkle runs the library with her assistant, Spike, a cute baby dragon. […]

In this episode of Friends we find Ross and Chandler visiting the University Library because Ross has discovered that his doctoral dissertation is housed on the shelves of the paleontology section. As they approach the shelves Chandler remarks, “Sounds like some people are really enjoying the Dewey decimal system.” This sets Ross on a mission […]

In June of 1985 the new wave band Tears for Fears took over the Emmanuel College Library in Toronto to shoot their video “Head Over Heels.” The music video features lead singer Roland Orzabal trying repeatedly to get the attention of the beautiful librarian. While this is happening  members of the band and others, including […]