In the Other Worlds episode that aired on 10/16, Great American Read explored how America’s favorite novels about other worlds reflect our own world. Many novels on America’s list of 100 favorites take us to other worlds. From fantasy to science fiction, historical fiction to stories of spiritual realms, what do these books tell us about our own […]

What We're Reading

In the Love episode that aired on 10/9, Great American Read explored books that show what we do for love, in all its many forms. How do our favorite novels reflect what we do for love? From classic romance to family dramas, from unrequited passion to unforgettable first love, this episode took a look at our best-loved books […]

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In the Villains episode that aired on 10/2, Great American Read explored the lessons from novels featuring villains, monsters, and evil forces.How do novels featuring our favorite villains and monsters help us understand why people behave badly?  They examined the evil characters in our favorite novels to find out why we go to the dark side, […]

What We're Reading

On 9/25, the Great American Read examined books on America’s list that feature heroic characters. Celebrities, literary experts, authors, and everyday book lovers discuss why our favorite heroes are complex and relatable, from the everyday hero to the tragic and unlikely or anti-hero. Check out the featured books below, as well as the full episode! Click to Vote for […]