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The struggle to gift the perfect book is a perennial problem. Whether your recipient is an avid reader or a casual browser, we know all too well the pressure to get it right. We love books—and we love even more when others love the books we love. Once again, our staff got together and asked […]

A holiday video featuring the biggest and most beloved names in publishing, all sharing their reasons why books make great gifts, is a delightful reminder of how expansive and exciting the publishing world can be. [youtube 2OXs7tnP5eQ] BOOKS EQUAL GIFTS So many of my favorites, I couldn’t believe it!  Maya Angelou, Dean Koontz, Barbara Walters, Cesar […]

Why is a book the best gift for this holiday season?  It comes fully charged Around the same price as a DVD, but the experience lasts longer Costs less than a movie (with popcorn!) It can change someone’s life It can make someone laugh It’s a thoughtful gift It’s a personal gift Inspire your patrons to […]