Cat lady—or free agent? What does #spinster” mean to you? From Vogue to The Today Show, Kate Bolick and her amazing book, SPINSTER, have been everywhere this week!  Check your hold lists! [youtube watch?v=ow4skwaxHfo] Click here for a Book Club Kit, complete with paper dolls, cocktails recipes, recommended reading, and a reading group guide!

 The Wonder Woman theme song is popular in the Lepore household, with the kids singing “fighting for your rights, in your satin tights!”  Hear Jill Lepore discuss this and the historical detective work she passionately pursued to reveal the origin of one of American popular culture’s most iconic figures—a story that hides within it not […]

  We just got word of another important list of awards for our books: The Amelia Bloomer Project list, a yearly round-up of strong feminist works. Here is what the project is all about: “In an effort both to alert readers to society’s opposition toward women’s equality and to highlight progress toward this vital goal, the […]

What do you get when you take four females with different backgrounds, personalities, and experiences and center a novel around every giggle, every boy, every argument, and every hug? Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Sex and the City? Not quite… Commencement, the debut novel by J. Courtney Sullivan, follows Sally, Bree, April and Celia as they forge an […]