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“Whenever I listen to music, I do so without preconceptions, simply opening my ears to the more wonderful passages and physically taking them in. When those wonderful passages are there, I feel joy, and when some parts are not so wonderful, I listen with a touch of regret.” —Haruki Murakami, Absolutely on Music This month, we’re focusing […]

On sale now, Parisian Chic Celebrity model and true Parisienne, Inès de la Fressange shares the well-kept secrets of how Parisian women maintain effortless glamour and an irresistible and timeless allure. Inès is one of those people who manages to always look fabulous, act thoughtfully, and juggle a celebrity schedule, but still have time to […]

It’s the perfect storm for this reissue from powerHouse Books. With the popularity of the TRUE PREP (the re-fashioning of the classic, The Preppie Handbook) along with Fashion Week hitting New York City, the English reissue of the 1965 Japanese fashion photography book TAKE IVY has jumped up to #167 in Amazon book sales. The book was also […]