Tis the season for all things ballet!  Black Swan with Natalie Portman is receiving Oscar buzz, Apollo’s Angels is receiving rave reviews with stars from both Kirkus & Booklist, and this resource for ballet vocabulary from the American Ballet Theatre  library is very useful! [youtube 5jaI1XOB-bs] “It has never been done before, what Jennifer Homans has […]

Here in the Library Marketing Department, we find ourselves frequently discussing which book we’ve each recently begun or what we’re most looking forward to reading the moment the manuscript becomes available.  It’s as if we’re working in a book club!  We know each other’s reading tastes and often make recommendations accordingly.  Peer pressure to bring a […]

Welcome back, Unshelved readers! Once again, the Library Services Team at Random House has selected four books that we think you must know about, if you don’t already! So without further ado, here is our Spring 2011 Essentials list. They are all biographies/memoirs this time around: Endgame: Bobby Fischer’s Remarkable Rise and Fall – from America’s […]

Unshelved readers, welcome to the blog! And if you’re here independently, that might be even better. The Library Services team here at Random House has chosen 4 books from our Fall 2010 Adult List which we think you absolutely must be aware of (and of which you–or your library’s automatic-buy system–may not be already aware). […]