One great thing about the New York Times Books section is the First Chapters page. Check out the beginnings of a few of Random House’s latest. Also, click on the cover images above for full information about each book. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese – If Dave’s or my previous posts haven’t convinced you, the […]

On the heels of the latest issue of our Random Revelations newsletter, I feel I must strongly echo Dave in praise and promotion of Abraham Verghese’s new novel, CUTTING FOR STONE, out in February from Knopf. Think Grey’s Anatomy meets the Kite Runner…at least those are the loose comparisons I draw. There really is no way […]

This morning, staring at my computer and thinking about how much I needed caffeine, I overheard Marcia, the head of our department, warning Erica that Abraham Verghese’s name was pronounced “Ver-geez,” not “Ver-gezee,” and that she should know in case it came up in Erica’s conference planning. At this, my eyes refocused. This was important information. I’d just been reading […]