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You’ve traveled a lot and lived all over! Where is your favorite library? My favorite is the library at Peking University, where I studied for two years from 2016-2018. I love this library because of how much it’s used! Whenever I would go, the study tables were always packed full. Students go and camp out […]

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This series of live online conversations between writers, creators, and librarians will center Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voices, books, cultures, and experiences. Brought to you by: The University of South Carolina’s Augusta Baker Endowed Chair, Publishers Weekly, and Penguin Random House Library Marketing. Scroll below for the full schedule of speakers throughout 2022, […]

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Presenting 50 Fabulous Cookbooks—from appetizers to desserts, from decadent to healthy, from weeknight staples to special-occasion-ready meals—you’ll find the perfect books to round out your cookbook collection. Dig in to this great list to give your patrons the cookbooks they crave. View or Download the Excel Grid of the Complete Format List of Cookbooks Included […]

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What unites us as book lovers (endless TBR piles aside) is the shared angst of attempting to gift the perfect read—especially during the holidays. We at Penguin Random House Library Marketing know this struggle all too well! So, we asked ourselves not only what book we’re gifting others this year, but what book we’re gifting […]