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The struggle to gift the perfect book is a perennial problem. Whether your recipient is an avid reader or a casual browser, we know all too well the pressure to get it right. We love books—and we love even more when others love the books we love. Once again, our staff got together and asked […]

Book ExtrasStaff Picks

‘Tis the season—awards season! We polled our staff to get their guesses for 2023’s best-in-show releases. Scroll to browse our predictions for award-winning titles publishing next year. Sharnell’s Prediction Flux by Jinwoo Chong Flux is a blazingly original and stylish debut novel about a young man whose reality unravels when he suspects his employers have […]

Book ExtrasStaff Picks

Chilling new books for horror buffs. Whether you’re a horror aficionado or enjoy the occasional thrill, there’s something in our Dead of Summer collection for you. Click for Our Dead of Summer Collection. Click for Our Fall 2022 Horror Excerpt Sampler. Take Our Quiz to Find Your Next Horror Read. Watch Our “The Horror” Author […]

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You’ve traveled a lot and lived all over! Where is your favorite library? My favorite is the library at Peking University, where I studied for two years from 2016-2018. I love this library because of how much it’s used! Whenever I would go, the study tables were always packed full. Students go and camp out […]

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This series of live online conversations between writers, creators, and librarians will center Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) voices, books, cultures, and experiences. Brought to you by: The University of South Carolina’s Augusta Baker Endowed Chair, Publishers Weekly, and Penguin Random House Library Marketing. Scroll below for the full schedule of speakers throughout 2022, […]