“U.S. libraries serve Spanish-speaking patrons around the country by providing collections in their native languages. The need for quality Spanish-language materials is considerable and continues to grow,” says Libbhy Romero, BookOps’s World Languages Coordinator. In her seminal Library Journal article, Romero acknowledges, “Selecting Spanish-language materials can be challenging, especially for librarians who don’t know the language,” adding, “To keep the collection relevant, librarians must provide materials pertinent to their local community.”

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month and in support Spanish language readership across libraries, we’re beginning a monthly series with a focused attention on must-have Spanish-language titles for library collections. This month, we’re highlighting some noteworthy Fall 2018 releases including Isabel Allende’s sweeping novel, Más Allá del Invierno, Ingrid Rojas Contreras’s mesmerizing debut, La Fruta del Borrachero, and the much anticipated anthology of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s journalistic works, El Escándalo del Siglo.

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Miriam’s Must-Haves: Libros en Español

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