Whether their favorite subject is history, science, art, music, english, or math, these upcoming titles will get your younger readers ready for back to school.

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Favorite Subject: Science
Everest by Angela Francis; Illustrated by Lisk Feng
A stunning nonfiction picture book and compendium of facts about the world’s highest mountain. Travel back to its ancient origins, learn about the flowers and plants that grow upon this great peak, and discover the rich history of religions, myths, and legends that surround Everest.

Favorite Subject: History
Memphis, Martin, and the Mountaintop by Alice Faye Duncan; Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie
This historical fiction picture book presents the story of nine-year-old Lorraine Jackson, who in 1968 witnessed the Memphis sanitation strike—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s final stand for justice before his assassination—when her father, a sanitation worker, participated in the protest.

Favorite Subject: Math
Squares, Rectangles, and Other Quadrilaterals by David A. Adler
Geometry is demystified in a new addition to a popular and amusing series of math picture books from the math teacher-turned author David A. Adler and illustrator Edward Miller. Kids will get a handle on geometric vocabulary and can try out plenty of hands-on activities that will help reinforce the concepts.

Favorite Subject: Music
Struttin’ with Some Barbecue by Patricia Hruby Powell; Illustrated by Rachel Himes
This is the true story of Lil Hardin Armstrong: pianist, composer, and bandleader in the early days of jazz. Ahead of her time, Lil made a career for herself—and for Louis Armstrong, her modest, unassuming husband.

Favorite Subject: English
The Tiger Prince by Chen Jiang Hong, translated from the French by Alyson Waters
A magnificently illustrated Chinese folklore tale about a tigress, a seer, a King, and the prince, who must leave his family and learn the ways of the tigers so that the war between man and animal can end.

Favorite Subject: Art
Hello Lilac – Good Morning Yellow by Judith Drews
This charming introduction to the world of color and a child’s first words is brimming with bright, playfully inviting illustrations of everyday objects.

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