For the Barb in all of us—a guidebook for the kind and tragically uncool. While few people were surprised that the Netflix series Stranger Things was a smash hit, no one expected that one of the show’s minor characters, the nerdy, faithful underdog Barb, would break the internet. But Barb resonated with us—the chill, bespectacled BFF and her unjust abandonment hit a collective nerve. It turns out, in a world of Nancys, we are all Barb.

Get Barb’s hot tips on makeup and eyewear, as well as her do’s and don’ts of party attendance. Learn what she would put on her dream mixtape. And find out whether or not you really are a Barb (maybe you’re actually a Nancy, a Steve, or a Jonathan) with the “Which Hawkins High student are you?” quiz.

Stranger Things returns to Netflix on October 27th.

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