Donna Seaman, Booklist Adult Books Editor and co-chair of the SJP Picks selection committee, spoke with Mohsin Hamid recently about his book Exit West and its selection as the second SJP Pick.

“I have watched Sarah Jessica Parker and admired her work for many years, as so many of us have. She existed in a fictional world. And now our stories have connected somehow. There’s something really beautiful to that, for me. And it seems fitting that this should happen in the context of libraries, because, as a child, libraries were magical places for me. It was in libraries that I became a reader, and it is because I became a reader that I became a writer. As for the effect of Exit West on readers, I have written a half-book, and readers will write the other half with their imaginations, and together we will make the experience of the novel. That’s what I hope for. The book is not a prescription, it is an invitation to dance.” –Mohsin Hamid

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An Interview with Mohsin Hamid, Author of Exit West

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