“Whenever I listen to music, I do so without preconceptions, simply opening my ears to the more wonderful passages and physically taking them in. When those wonderful passages are there, I feel joy, and when some parts are not so wonderful, I listen with a touch of regret.” —Haruki Murakami, Absolutely on Music

This month, we’re focusing on the 700s the section of the library which houses books on the arts, music, dance, and sports. We have a recommended list of over 160 titles including illustrated guidebooks aimed at serious beginners and advanced artists, surveys of celebrated architecture, sports manuals, and lush monographs of fashion, interior design, and photography. Among the notable figures featured are Maya Lin, James Brown, John Berger, and Carolina Herrerra, and several core titles such as Into Thin Air, Keeping an Eye Open: Essays, Wrestling with Moses, and Born to Run.

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Miriam’s Must-Haves: Dewey 700s

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