A historian of fascism offers a guide for surviving and resisting America’s turn towards authoritarianism.

In his books Bloodlands and Black Earth, historian Timothy Snyder carefully dissected the events and values that enabled the rise of Hitler and Stalin and the execution of their catastrophic policies. With On Tyranny, Snyder draws from the darkest hours of the twentieth century to provide hope for the twenty-first. As he writes, “Americans today are no wiser than the Europeans who saw democracy yield to fascism, Nazism, or Communism. Our one advantage is that we might learn from their experience.” On Tyranny is a call to arms and a guide to resistance, with invaluable ideas for how we can preserve our freedoms in the uncertain years to come.

“Easily the most compelling volume among the early resistance literature. . . . A slim book that fits alongside your pocket Constitution and feels only slightly less vital. . . . Clarifying and unnerving. . . . A memorable work that is grounded in history yet imbued with the fierce urgency of what now.” The Washington Post

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