These aren’t your high school history books. With rich, fascinating detail, these history books tell the stories of some of the most interesting people and events of all time. Because sometimes, the truth is stranger, and more incredible, than fiction.

The Apache Wars by Paul Andrew Hutton
In the tradition of Empire of the Summer Moon, a stunningly vivid historical account of the manhunt for Geronimo and the 25-year Apache struggle for their homeland. Click here to see a one sheet of the Whos Who of the Apache Wars.

Victoria: The Queen by Julia Baird
The story of the passionate, sensuous Queen Victoria, lover of her husband Albert, mother of nine children, the woman who built an empire and found a new life after her husband’s death. New research brings Victoria to vivid life in a sweeping, page-turning new biography, by a stunning new writer.

Hero of the Empire by Candice Millard
From New York Times bestselling author of Destiny of the Republic and The River of Doubt, a thrilling narrative of Winston Churchill’s extraordinary and little-known exploits during the Boer War.

The Secret History of World War II by Neil Kagan and Stephen Hyslop
From spy missions to code breaking, this richly illustrated account of the covert operations of World War II takes readers behind the battle lines and deep into the undercover war effort that changed the course of history.

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