I Let You Go

A Letter from Clare Mackintosh, author of I Let You Go:

Where I Write

I write in a small office in my house, accompanied by a Springer Spaniel, lots of books, and an ever-present mug of tea. My desk is small, and my computer large, so there is little room for anything else; I have a pot of pens on one side, and the phone and my tea on the other. I’m a very tidy person and can’t stand clutter, and one of the things I love about my office is that no one else is allowed in, which means it stays tidy!

In the corner of my office is a reading chair that is often occupied by one of my children, or by a pile of post waiting to be opened. Above it is my old police hat – a memento from my time in the force – and a shelf of dull-but-crucial files. On the back of my door are two big white boards, covered in scribbles. I can’t work if I’m cold, so hanging up by the bookcase is an assortment of cardigans, wraps and scarves.

I write in lots of different places; libraries, cafes, trains… but my favourite place is right here.

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A Letter from Clare Mackintosh, Author of I Let You Go

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