Attention all Grandmas, Mimis and Nanas!


Lesley Stahl has had many of outstanding accomplishments and experiences in her life. The most transforming experience wasn’t research stories at 60 Minutes or covering the White House, however it was becoming a grandma.

Her scientific and practical insights give readers a boundless viewpoint of not only what to expect, but how to create extraordinary bonds.

This book is a great read for all families. You’ll not only enjoy reading about her experiences as a Grandmother, but be able to learn from her.

“Lesley Stahl brings the keen reporting we know from “60 Minutes” to the story of grandparenting. Amazed and delighted at the joy she experienced with the arrival of own two granddaughters, Stahl set about finding out why that was true. Her wise answers, both scientific and practical, provide useful information not only for grandparents and the children they cherish, but also for the wider society. This is a wonderfully fun read about an important subject.”—Cokie Roberts, author of We are Our Mothers’ Daughters

“Lesley Stahl, one of America’s most well-respected journalists, uses her reporter’s instinct and grandmother’s heart to take a bold look at life’s most joyful relationship in Becoming Grandma.  Stahl’s wisdom, experience, and boundless love for her own granddaughters bring stunning new insights into this classic bond.  I loved this book—a must-read for every family.”—Linda Fairstein

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Becoming Grandma

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