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For National Libraries Day on February 6th in the UK, The Guardian published love letters to libraries written by writers and public figures, including our own Meg Rosoff, author of the upcoming Jonathan Unleashed. Here is her love letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

Welcome to the library
no one will tell you what to read
or tell you what to think.
No one will bother you
Or bully you.
No one will require a report;
you don’t have to revise.
You can spy
Draw a picture.
Or sleep.
You can write.
Or wander.
Ask advice
ask for help
think anything
or nothing at all.
No one will stop you.
No one will even try.
a book
over there
on a shelf
will be glancing at you sideways
getting up the courage to
ask you out
make you laugh
make you cry
make you fall in love.
I’m trying to write a book like that now.
In a library.

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Click to See the Original Post on The Guardian.

A Love Letter to Libraries from Meg Rosoff, Author of Jonathan Unleashed

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