This Friday Reads is a special one because our staff is going crazy over Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. See below for our rave staff reviews! Click here to request an eGalley!


“A thriller for any type of reader because at its heart, this is the story of a man doing everything he can to return to his family. For readers of Michael Crichton and Justin Cronin, there’s just enough science here to make you wonder you would do in similar circumstances.  A rollercoaster of emotions will see you through to the very last page!” ―Erica

“Where would you be now if you had gone down a different path? Dark Matter explores the what ifs of the roads not taken through the thrilling lens of a man desperately trying to get back to his old life, the one he used to think of as small, until the night he was kidnapped and woke up in another world with a completely different life.” ―Chelsea

“The best quantum physics thriller you’ll read this year, and undoubtedly a future blockbuster on the silver screen. Dark Matter is the nail-biting journey of Jason Dessen—an ordinary dad and college physics professor who wakes up in a strange new world after being abducted at gun point.”―Hugo

“I say all the time that if I could just clone myself I’d be able to get so much more accomplished. Well, after reading— I’m sorry— tearing through, Dark Matter, I have completely changed my mind— one of me is plenty! This thriller from Brian Crouch weighs the benefits of science and physics against the matters of philosophy and love all the while taking you through an unbelievable experience with scientist and family man, Jason Dessen, a character I dare you not to fall in love with.”—Kelly

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