In the wake of the attacks at Fort Hood, at the Boston marathon, and in Paris, here is a riveting, panoramic look at “homegrown” Islamist terrorism, from 9/11 to the present. Lucid, rigorously researched, and packed with fascinating new details, United States of Jihad is the definitive account of the Americans who have embraced militant Islam both here and abroad. HBO has adapted United States of Jihad for their new documentary series called Homegrown: The Counter-Terror Dilemma. Watch the trailer below!

“It is hard to imagine a timelier book than this one. Peter Bergen does what he does best—telling mesmerizing stories that weave together exhaustive research to illuminate a critically important subject. He shows us that the Americans among us who turn to jihad are not who we imagine them to be, suggesting ways in which we can be simultaneously more humane and more secure.”—ANNE-MARIE SLAUGHTER, author of The Idea That Is America; president and CEO of New America

“With his latest book, Peter Bergen shows once again that he has become the premier chronicler of jihadism in the twenty-first century. Read it and come away with a new understanding of America and of terrorism.”— THOMAS E. RICKS, author of The Generals and Fiasco

“Nobody burrows deeper into the horrifying world of organized terror, uncovering harrowing stories of near-misses and fatal attacks, than Peter Bergen. And nobody analyzes this fraught subject with such calm, careful rigor. His portrait of the terrorists next door and the agents who hunt them is worthy of Homeland—except that it’s all too real.”—FRANKLIN FOER, author of How Soccer Explains the World; former editor of The New Republic

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