games dayInternational Games Day @ your library is an initiative run by volunteers from around the world and auspiced by the American Library Association, to reconnect communities through their libraries around the educational, recreational, and social value of all types of games.

Listen to a new episode of Beaks and Geeks with Jane McGonigal, author of SUPERBETTER, as she talks about video game culture, creativity, happiness, and how a personal trauma inspired her to write this book.

superbetter“Playing video games can make you more creative, courageous, and ambitious.”

“1 out of 3 people who have a traumatic brain injury go on to have suicidal thoughts.”

Playing Tetris for 20 min within a 6hr window of a traumatic event the game can prevent flashbacks

When you play a game, you can replay the level. In school you only get one chance to take a test

“Learn from the psychology of games.”

“We learn better taking tests than we do studying for tests.”

“When we study we tend to spend more time on what we already understand.”

International Games Day @ your library

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