Lifetime has given a pilot order to an adaptation of Jean M. Auel’s bestselling novel The Clan of the Cave Bear, which centers on a young girl who fights for survival in a world where Neanderthals share the Earth with the first early modern humans.

More than 25,000 years ago, a band of cave dwellers adopts blond and blue-eyed Ayla (Millie Brady), a child of the “Others.” As Ayla matures into a young woman of spirit and courage, she must fight for survival against the jealous bigotry of Broud (Johnny Ward), who one day will be clan leader.

Charlene McKenna and Hal Ozsan also star while Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Allison Shearmur, and Linda Woolverton will executive produce the pilot written by Francie Calfo and Jean M. Auel. The series will premiere later this year.

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Books on Film: The Clan of the Cave Bear

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