Did you know that Lyndon Johnson pulled pranks in class? Barack Obama was bothered by bullies, and that Muhammad Ali got in his first fight after a thief stole his bicycle when he was twelve?  These are just the kinds of fun facts found within the pages of Kid Presidents and Kid Athletes, two books from the writing duo of author David Stabler and illustrator Doogie Horner.


We wanted to share photos of an entire auditorium of students and teachers listening to David and Doogie talk not only about their books, but also about their writing process, challenges they face, and what inspires them to do what they do during a school assembly in NJ. The students were awe inspired to have REAL published writers in their school and asked an array of questions to the very thorough, very patient pair.


They fielded questions about what their favorite books were, who their favorite illustrators were and more inspired questions, such as: “Were your parents supportive of you wanting to be a writer?”, “How do you draw emotion?”, “What software do you use to create your drawings?”, and my personal favorite question from a young student, “Can I have one more hug?”


Two great books to add to your young patrons reading piles, even the parents will learn a lot  by reading Kid Presidents and Kid Athletes. Just seeing the smiles on all these faces reminded me of why we love what we do, and how we truly can change the world #OneBookAtATime.

Every One Starts Out as a Kid!

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