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Attention Ready Player One fans! We’re giving away galleys of Ernest Cline’s new book ARMADA. Enter for your chance to win!

While eagerly awaiting Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of Ready Player One, fans this summer can snap up ARMADA, Cline’s new pulse-pounding, space opera adventure where the battles are real and gamers must save the world from an alien invasion. Zack Lightman’s teenage gamer world will be forever altered after spotting a flying saucer. Will his videogame skills be enough to save the earth from what’s about to befall it?  While gleefully embracing, and brilliantly subverting, science-fiction conventions, Armada exists somewhere between Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game come to life and the joyously self-unaware cult favorite film, Clerks.

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A Nerdtastic Giveaway: ARMADA by Ernest Cline

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  • YES! Eagerly awaiting this!

  • Armada gives teens and adults everything they want in a summer read – aliens, adventure, a kick-butt girl, warfare and gamers.
    It makes video game nerds stand a little taller and makes the rest of us want to go back and watch the old science fiction movies we grew up with.
    So happy to see our Austin book hero churned out another winner!

  • I love reading! I love free books!

  • I would love the chance to preview Armada.

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