Chris Beckett returns to the world of his acclaimed novel Dark Eden to tell a new story—of a headstrong young girl named Starlight whose thirst for adventure puts herself and her people in grave danger.

Mother of Eden opens 150 years after the events of Dark Eden, and we find that the world of the Family has undergone remarkable changes. Thanks to the actions of John Redlantern, civilization has come to the planet, with its attendant benefits—and its evils, as young Starlight Brooking learns when she leaves her small village and finds herself at the center of a power struggle and a tug of war between two ways of life.

To learn more about the novel, we’ve created some fun bonus material such as an interview with Beckett, a guide to the cast of characters, a timeline of people and places in the novel, and a book club discussion guide.

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#FridayReads: Chris Beckett’s MOTHER OF EDEN

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