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Menna van Praag’s THE DRESS SHOP OF DREAMS—a January LibraryReads Pick—has been hailed as “delightful,” “delicious,” “bighearted, beautiful, and brushed with magic.”*

And, magic is exactly what she finds in libraries:

Libraries are magical places. They are literary churches, holy places, where we find our souls and shape our spirits with books we’ll love for the rest of our lives. When I was a little girl, I was lucky enough to live just around the corner from our local library. Some of my earliest memories took place in that beautiful building. I remember hiding behind the stacks with a book balanced on my knees as I fell headfirst into other worlds and other lives. I remember the librarian, Mrs. Griffiths, with short curls and glasses, who talked to me as if I were a grown up. I remember long talks about all the books I loved. I remember, as I got older, confiding to Mrs. Griffiths, in hushed tones, my great, unbelievable dream that one day I would grow up to be a writer, that one day my own books would be on the library shelves. It was a desire I could barely admit to myself, but Mrs. Griffiths was beloved to me and I wanted to make her proud. Sadly, by the time I was finally published, twenty years later, the library had closed and Mrs. Griffiths had gone. Happily, I now visit the big library in the town center with my son. I’ve befriended new librarians and we talk about books, a shared passion. And I now have the joy of watching my son find his own soul among the blessed shelves of literature, and I wait to see how his own spirit will be shaped by what great gems he finds there.”

Click to Read an Excerpt of The Dress Shop of Dreams.

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*Susan Wiggs, bestselling author of The Beekeeper’s Ball

Celebrating National Library Week 2015: Menna van Praag Salutes Libraries

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