IN THE UNLIKELY EVENT by Judy Blume is our #FridayReads title. We’re loving it so much, we’re feeling generous, so we’re going to mail ARCs to 50 lucky librarians.  Click on the link at the bottom of this post, and you just may be one of them!

And we’re not the only ones loving it, Booklist gave it a starred review, and said:

In her first adult novel since Summer Sisters (1998), celebrated children’s and young adult author Blume tells the story of three generations of an Elizabeth, New Jersey, family: her protagonist, 15-year-old Miri; Miri’s mother, Rusty; and Miri’s grandmother, Irene. Their lives and those of their friends are impacted when a plane falls out of the sky over Elizabeth, and, in the course of the next 58 days, two others follow. Miri’s friends are sure it’s the work of aliens or zombies or, more simply, sabotage. Miri’s reporter uncle, Henry, who will make his reputation covering the crashes for the local newspaper, says they’re coincidences. But who is to say? In the meantime, Miri’s boyfriend, Mason, becomes a hero in the wake of the third crash, but will their relationship survive? Like many family stories, this one is not without its life-changing secrets and surprises. There is no surprise that the book is smoothly written, and its story compelling. The setting—the early 1950s—is especially well realized through period references and incidents: “God Bless America” sung by Kate Smith, praying in public schools, reading the new novel Catcher in the Rye, watching Your Hit Parade on TV, and more. With its focus on Miri’s coming-of-age, this could have been published as a YA novel, and it will doubtless reach a wide crossover readership.

HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: A new Blume novel will always be big news, and this one will be promoted on a wide scale to all ages.”

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  • Hello! I’d love to be one of the first to read and review the latest title by Judy Blume. I can’t wait to introduce a whole new generation of readers to her, too.

  • Would love to have a copy of this!!!

  • I don’t know if it’s too late, but I’d love a copy of this novel. My library has it on our Adult Summer Reading list.

  • Would love a copy, our library bought several but they are out!

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