As you all know, we love to talk about books here in the Random House Library Marketing Department. I mean, we simply love it! We do it all the time, whether we are at work or not. We give each other books that make us laugh, make us cry, and most importantly we share books that we hope will get our kids to behave and to go to sleep easily!

But one thing I have yet to do on this blog, is offer titles based on the real love of my life, HOCKEY.

Collectively as a company, Penguin Random House, along with our distribution partners, publish books appropriate for every hockey fan in all age ranges. I have created a collection of titles perfect for your patrons, or for your own display tables in the library,  and now is the perfect time to get these books on your shelves because the playoffs are just about to begin.

Click here for the collection of For the Love of Hockey Titles.

For the TRUE fan: (I mean the one that screams “SHOOT THE PUCK” at the TV, loses money during the playoffs, and taunts the opposition’s ans all the time, even in church!) These books are for you..


For the Young Fan in the Making:

We have titles your younger readers will love, and trust me, these books are NOT easy to find. When my boys were little I remember our local librarian saying they needed more hockey books in the children’s department. All of the little patrons shared a very small selection of titles and would get (visibly) frustrated when they found out their favorite Zamboni title was already checked out! Try explaining that to a three-year old right before nap time!


For Devout Romance Readers: (yes, even you!)

Lastly, and I have been very excited to share this with you, it seems there is a growing trend in the Hockey Romance genre… yes, it is an actual thing, and when you get a closer look at these titles, (and their covers) I think you will see why! (Click for more information.)

hockey romance

Click here to download our For the Love of Hockey Edelweiss Collection. Email us at for any questions about these titles, or if you would like to know which team I think you should root for!

Something We Seriously Need to Talk About: Hockey

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