How do you like to celebrate Oscar weekend? Do you start watching eight hours early to see what everyone will wear? Do you invite friends over for an Academy Awards themed party, complete with mock red carpet? Do you practice, in front of a mirror, your acceptance speech, for one day when you just might need it? Well, here in the Random House Library Marketing department, we celebrate the books that made some of this year’s films possible.

So, in appropriate Academy Award style… we would like to thank our publishers for the books that have shaped this year’s Oscars, and this year’s nominees are:


* Gone Girl  * Wild * The Grand Budapest Hotel (Based on the writings of Stefan Zweig) * Interstellar * Dawn of the Planet of the Apes *

Oscar Nostalgia

And while each of these books has contributed to this weekend’s ceremonies in very different ways, we still wanted to take a minute to celebrate the enormous contribution that books have on our motion picture industry. We have even created an Edelweiss collection to commemorate some of the most acclaimed Oscar winners of all time, for example, The Godfather and All Quiet on the Western Front. Click here for a trip back in time to remember some of these award-winning books made into award-winning films.

Prepare Your Acceptance Speech

In keeping with this celebration, we are going to raffle off our very own Oscar Swag Bag to ten lucky winners, complete with all of the books highlighted above, and a few more that we thought we’d throw in just for fun- to celebrate the fashion, the nostalgia and the diet-consciousness that complement the Academy Awards so fittingly.

academy awards

And the winner is… hopefully you! To enter, email us at with subject line “Oscar Swag bag,” and your complete mailing address.

Good luck and enjoy the Oscars!


And the Winner Is…

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