9780930289287Superman: The Man of Steel Volume 1
By Dick Giordano and John Byrne

Originally published beginning in 1986 over 6 single issues, this volume envelopes the first real ‘reboot’ of Superman. Previous to this volume, Superman’s origin had not been changed since his creation in 1938. From Superman’s origin story to that of his patriotic costume; John Byrne, Dick Giordano, and crew tackle the reigning in of Superman’s powers while delving further into his human experience. In addition, this volume features key character developments: Superman’s early life, the first appearance of Lex Luthor as the evil businessman we now know, the early stages of bizarro Superman, and the first meeting of Superman and Batman (just to name a few!).

If you’ve ever wondered how Superman shaves, how he met Lois Lane, or how Superman’s parents came to the decision to send him away, this is the volume to check out at your local library. With iconic and stunning art, The Man of Steel is without a doubt an essential must-read volume for Superman enthusiasts and those new to graphic novels.

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