the librarian

If Ryu Murakami had written War and Peace…

As the introduction to this book will tell you, the books by Gromov, obscure and long forgotten propaganda author of the Soviet era, have such an effect on their readers that they suddenly enjoy supernatural powers. Understandably, their readers need to keep accessing these books at all cost and gather into groups around book-bearers, or, as they’re called, librarians. Alexei, until now a loser, comes to collect an uncle’s inheritance and unexpectedly becomes a librarian. He tells his extraordinary, unbelievable story.

We are excited to share an excerpt of The Librarian with you, an incredibly entertaining read, full of epic video game-like battles, Russian landscapes and old babushkas, who fight with scythes!

Also note, we will be giving out posters for this title at ALA Midwinter. Please stop by and visit us at Booth #4721 and pick one up for your library.

Happy Reading!

Click here for excerpt.

#FridayReads: The Librarian by Mikhail Elizarov

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