A few weeks ago we held a contest in honor of Jane Austen’s 239th birthday. We asked you, via our enewsletter, to tell us who your favorite Jane Austen character is, and why. The results we received were overwhelming! Here’s a sneak peek at what the ten lucky winners will be receiving in their Jane Austen Birthday Goodie Bag!

jane austen goodie bag

The over 450 responses demonstrated love for all of Austen’s characters that was heartfelt and endearing. (However, Elizabeth Bennet did receive the most votes!)

Here’s a little sampling of the responses we received:

Elizabeth Bennet: “She is such an interesting character with her strength, sense of humor, and strong sense of self.  She was my first introduction to Jane Austen and, even though I like all her books, Pride and Prejudice and Lizzy remain my favorites.”

Lydia Bennet: “What a naughty girl!”

Emma (Woodhouse): “She transcends so many centuries! Who of us doesn’t know an Emma (or three or four). Talk about a mover and shaker!”

Anne Eliot:  “Because she learns from her mistakes.”

Mr. Bennett: “I think anyone with 5 daughters would find it necessary to be sarcastic at times and would definitely withdraw and leave things ‘to the wife.” Six “girls” to deal with would be enough to make any man retreat. My dad had more than he could handle with just 3 daughters!”

Colonel Brandon: “He’s fundamentally good, caring and generous. He may be seemingly unexciting, but he has integrity and principles – two things that are sexier, to me, than false heroism and a dashing facade. Still waters run deep, as they say!”

Mr. Knightly: “He’s sees the real Emma and loves her anyway. He makes her be a better person.”

Mr. Darcy: “Duh, he’s Darcy.”

Jane Austen: “It is impossible to choose a favorite so it must be Jane Austen herself as it is her brain’s imagination that gives voice to all the characters.”

Congratulations to the winners, and as for all the other Austenites out there, check out our Edelweiss collection of Austen titles sure to please even the most dedicated fan!



The Results are in Jane Austen Fans!

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  • Thanks for the Jane Austen prize pack. It’s fabulous!!!!

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