The Lives of OthersThe screenplay for the Oscar-Winning film—THE LIVES OF OTHERS—the world could not resist that went on to win the 2007 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film among other honors.

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Nothing is private. Nothing is sacred.

In 1984 East Berlin, the Stasi Captain Gerd Wiesler is assigned to spy on the playwright Georg Dreyman. Wiesler and his team bug the apartment, set up surveillance equipment in an attic and begin reporting on the activities of Dreyman, who had previously escaped state scrutiny due to his pro-Communist views and international recognition.

One day, however, Wiesler learns the real reason behind the surveillance: the Minister of Culture covets Dreyman’s girlfriend, and is trying to eliminate his rival. Though Wiesler continues his surveillance, he struggles to reconcile his sense of professional duty with his personal integrity, as he finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed by the couple’s lives.

Special features:

  • 20 still images from the film
  • Cast of characters section
  • Introduction by Florian von Donnersmarck and foreword by John le Carré
  • Conversation with the lead actor, Ulrich Muhe
  • Essays about the film and its historical significance

  • “Both a political document and an enduring work of art”— John le Carré

The Lives of Others: A Screenplay for the Acclaimed Foreign Spy Film

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