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Author Allen Eskens joins us to share some of his thoughts about the release of his amazing new book THE LIFE WE BURY —a #7 October LibraryReads pick on sale today

As a debut author, when I sat down to write The Life We Bury I had no game plan beyond wanting to write a book that readers would enjoy. One of my favorite teachers, Terry Davis, (author of Vision Quest) taught that each paragraph, each sentence, should be written with purpose. Whether that purpose is to move the plot forward, or deepen the readers tie to a character or to make real the sense of place, every sentence should evoke—a tall order for even the most talented among us. I put my fingers to the keyboard merely hoping to scratch out my best attempt to live up to that goal.

Now I sit here on the day of my launch and the thought that continues to rise above all others is “I hope they enjoy my novel.” I hope that people who invest their time and money in my little endeavor come away glad to have had the experience. I am not expecting happiness at a level that you might find at the end of a good first date or a successful ski run down a double diamond, but if my little book can bring a smile to a reader or make them feel an emotion they weren’t expecting—if I can evoke, then I will consider my effort a success.

So, as I send my first book out into the world, my sole wish is that you enjoy reading it.


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Read the amazing reviews of The Life We Bury:

“Allen Eskens delivers a mesmerizing debut, unfolding decades of secrets in a rewarding tale of redemption.”
—JULIE KRAMER, Minnesota Book Award winner and author of Delivering Death

“[A] masterful debut…. [A] satisfying resolution.”

“Set against the backdrop of a brutal Minnesota winter, The Life We Bury is much more than a satisfying, suspenseful novel. This story kept me turning the pages, and it touched my heart. The characters are as real as my next-door neighbors, the story compelling, and the writing superb.”

“Eskens’s first-person narration grabs the reader and never relinquishes its hold.

“The tension builds to an all-stops-out finale that works on every level. Thriller fans should keep their eyes on Eskens; he’s a comer.”

“Eskens’ debut is a solid and thoughtful tale of a young man used to taking on burdens beyond his years—none more dangerous than championing a bitter old man convicted of a horrific crime.”


Allen Eskens Joins Us to Talk About His Amazing Debut THE LIFE WE BURY

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