Betty &  Batman!

What better way is there to spend a Saturday in August, than celebrating the love of comics and reading in beautiful Bryant Park?  We were so proud to co-host a great event for kids of all ages along with Archie Comics and DC Comics this past weekend. Tania del Rio, author of Diary of a Girl Next Door: Betty, started off the festivities by answering questions about her latest book, and about whether or not she knew any real life Veronicas growing up. (Which, of course she did!)

About her new book:

This new diary features everyone’s favorite girl-next-door, Betty, as she dives head first into high school and extracurricular activities. Betty can do it all—but can she get by WITHOUT a little help from her friend? Freshman year is off to a rocky start with some major BFF drama! Betty’s longtime best friend Veronica is rich, ruthless and snobby—the total opposite of Betty. And in high school, where social status means EVERYTHING, it seems like Betty and Veronica can’t be besties anymore. Luckily, Betty is armed with her trusty diary to document her ups and downs. This book is a must-have for your middle school patrons, boys and girls alike will laugh and stress out right along with Betty!

Next up . . . Batman

After talking about Betty, all eyes turned to Batman! Batman came on the scene to greet and inspire kids and also to give out tattoos, bookmarks and posters.  It was a perfect summer day in Bryant Park right behind the beautiful New York Public Library, a perfect place to celebrate the love of reading and to celebrate the kids that we all try and inspire each day with books of all kinds.

Check out our pictures from our little comic con and keep spreading the love of reading to your patrons!

Comic Con for Kids: Bryant Park, NYC

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