In junior high, one of my favorite activities was going to my small public library and discussing Stephen King’s cannon of horror with my friends. Once I read The Shining and Pet Semetery, I was hooked.

I think fans of the master storyteller and legendary author Stephen King often ask, is there anything the “Master of Horror” can’t do? Not only has he enriched craft of horror storytelling, being compared to greats like Poe, but his stories have been transformed again and again into cult classic films like Carrie. He even acted in a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy as a bad-boned ghostman.

We’re excited to share the short story King released this March, Bad Little Kidhas already been picked up as a film project directed and produced by Laurent Bouzereau, who made a documentary about King for TCM.

Click or the full list of King’s work’s being adapted to work in 2014 and 2015.

If you’re not one to scare easily … Austin-based purveyor Mondo Tees has made it possible for you to re-create the look of the Overlook Hotel in your own home with area rugs replicating that memorable pattern from Kubrick’s “The Shining.” Red Rum decor, we love it!

Click to check out some of our favorite Stephen King Reads.

Books on Film: More Stephen King Horror Coming Soon! Prepare to Be Scared!

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