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It’s book election time! Voting for the June LibraryReads list ends May 1. What books will you cast your ballot for?

Here are some staff favorites publishing this June. There’s still time to check out this month’s titles; simply request an eGalley to get a sneak peek for yourself! Mention LibraryReads in your request to get a quick approval.

China Dolls

“Stellar . . . each woman’s voice [is] strong and dynamic, developing a multilayered richness as it progresses. The depth of See’s characters and her winning prose make this book a wonderful journey through love and loss.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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Summerhouse with Swimming Pool

“Once again Koch shows us, in that keen, almost icy style, how easy it is for successful people to go haywire.”—Glamour

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Book of Unknown Americans

“Spectacular . . . highly believable and poignant . . . A well-written story set among ‘unknown Americans,’ ostensibly Hispanic but in many ways any family adjusting to a new culture and way of life, regardless of ethnicity.” —Library Journal

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The Arsonist

From the bestselling author of While I Was Gone and The Senator’s Wife, a superb new novel about a family and a community tested when an arsonist begins setting fire to the homes of the summer people in a small New England town.

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The Quick

“Seductive . . . extraordinarily polished . . . a book for readers to lose themselves in.”

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